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Geek, is a slang term. Here’s a part of the definition from Wikipedia…

an expert or enthusiast or a person obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit

What we write?

Geek-programmer is a blog for programmers who are collecting knowledge to improve. Currently, we cover the fundamentals of programming. We mainly use Java as the language for coding. The articles will eventually focus on very interesting areas for a geek : concurrent computing, artificial neural networks and other machine learning techniques. Also, we hope to start a new article series about the interdisciplinary field: data science.

Who Are We?

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We = 2 undergrads 🙂 We are students in Sri Lanka.


Hi! I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Information Engineering. This is my first experience in blogging…My task is mainly, writing the articles.

Why did I create this blog?

I started the blog to try something as new a hobby. Now, I’m really interested to share the things that I’ve learned from scratch. Specially, the things I’m so geeky about.

The targets of the site I mentioned earlier sometimes feel like a bit advanced stuff for a starter like me. Yeah, but why give up? I’m trying my best 🙂

Apart from programming, I’m interested in other subject areas such as signals, communication, electronics and power systems.


Hi, I’m a student pursuing BSc Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering degree. Though this is not my field, I’m really interested to help.

What is my Job?

I share a part of the marketing stuff 😉  Plus, I help to enhance the interface of our website. I manage the things and add new features to our site.

What we request…

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We highly appreciate your valuable suggestions in order to improve the quality of site features + content. Please, comment on any article, message us and we would really appreciate them…

Join us…

If you are interested in creating content for this site or add anything you know, please send it to us and we are ready to publish it. 🙂

For any issue, feel free to contact us. Our email is geekprogrammeronline@gmail.com

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