Java Beginner


Welcome all geek programmers for programming with Java (Beginner Level)

To have an idea about Java, you may read this post first,

Why Java is the top Programming Language?

here’s the content of your tutorial series of Beginner’s Java programming,

  1. Writing your first Java code, ‘Hello World’
  2. Java basic types
  3. What are variables? – I
  4. What are variables? – II
  5. Introduction to Java String – I
  6. Introduction to Java String – II
  7. Operators used in Java
  8. Java Scanner Input
  9. Java Blocks
  10. If Statements in Java
  11. Switch Statements in Java
  12. While Loops in Java – I
  13. While Loops in Java – II
  14. For Loops in Java
  15. Introduction to Java Static Methods – I
  16. Introduction to Java Static Methods – II

that’s all for your beginner level.. 🙂 now you can move to the Object Oriented Java programming..