Java OOP


Hi, you can select the Java Object Oriented Course articles from here.

These are the most important concepts in modern programming languages. You MUST have a good understanding of OOP in order to proceed further in real programming.

The same concepts are pretty much used in any other programming language as well. Once you got in to the track of Java oop, you can actually learn any other language quickly…The concepts are all the same… Everywhere!

  1. What is an Object in Java?
  2. Difference between static and non-static – Variables
  3. Difference between static and non-static – Methods
  4. Get set methods
  5. Java Constructors
  6. Inheritance
  7. Polymorphism
  8. Java Packages in a nutshell
  9. Introduction to Java Interfaces
  10. Wrapper classes and auto-boxing
  11. Introduction to Enums