Why Java is the top Programming Language?

The field of programming is one of the most highly changing topic. New updates, new versions and new technologies….But, what about Java?

The first version of Java was released on January 23, 1996 which is more than 21 years from today…Most of the programming things discovered in that time are now outdated. But Java is still here. Not only that, it’s the programmers #1 choice 🙂


According to the TIOBE index, java is ranked as the #1 programming language which is used in today.

In IEEE spectrum magazine, Java is the first runner up in 2016.

Anyway, what matters here is that Java has become one of the most powerful virtual tools in the world. 3 billion devices run Java!

Caption while installing Java

Not only computers, but even washing machines, ATMs, parking meters have Java in it.

But Why???


The ultimate reason why Java has taken the world is the same reason why 3 billion devices have it, the platform independence!

Java has a cool feature of running inside any OS. So, when you write a Java program from a computer having Windows OS, you can run the same program in any other OS like Ubuntu or Mac. No need of any modification for your code.

This remarkable feature is achieved by Java compiler. Compiler converts your Java code in to separate file called Java Bytecode.

This bytecode is the one which is platform independent!

You have to again convert this bytecode to the machine language by using Java interpreters. The interpreters are different from one OS to another.

So, now imagine you have written some Java program in a Windows computer and compile it to the java bytecode.

Now you give this bytecode file to your friend who has Ubuntu on her laptop. She can easily convert this bytecode using her Java interpreter and run the program.


Java is the base code for Android, which is the most common smartphone OS on Earth.

This makes java impossible to forget in mobile application development.

Java in Android Studio, the IDE for developing Android Applications.

So, if you know Java, you can easily become an Android developer as well 🙂


Another fact that why Java is popular that it is very easy to learn than most of the other languages….Also there are a plenty of learning resources and an active user community.

It gives confidence to any new programmer that he’s never alone in any problem!!

Final Note:

In fact, Most people are employed in Java. Demand for java is very high in the industrial world. So, anyone who knows Java well has a bright future ahead of him or her 🙂

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